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PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:09 am    Post subject:

Hi again. I have been looking for your guild and didn't realize you are in the US. I was a bit quick to request to join you. I already leveled to 31 a new hunter to find out this was a mistake be myself. Maybe you can direct me to any good european christian guild if you know any?. Happy

PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:32 pm    Post subject: For His glory

Hi fellow christians (and no christians as well). I just blew some dust of my wow-backup and decided I wanted to return to wow. I have been playing since BC came out with some breaks between. last break now for around a year or so. I have been a christian protestant for a little past 3 years now. Had the basic belief in a higher creator since childhood, but never lived as a christian until I was saved. Our heavenly Father decided to intervene in my life and reveal himself. I was a seeking and courious person back then and was reading about aliens, possible explanations for creation, evolution and such things. the Holy spirit hit down in every fiber in my  body causing a warm feeling of peace and relieaf in the whole me. I started to read the bible beacuase I suddenly had a craving for knowing more about God. After this event my life has been blessed with prayer answers (a lot of it) and a growing relation to our beloved Saviour. That evening I knew he was real. I am filles with joyful tears every time I tell this story. It moved my soul and hearth so much that I was good enough for our Lord. I thank Jesus for his mercy and that he love us all. Besides of this story, I am a kind, honest and I guess a nice person (at least what others say). I am a little shy, I like more to listen than talk. Well, I hope I can join and maybe get to know you folks better. I can not game so very much tought, but a few hours a week I can do. May the Lord bless you and shine upon you and bring you peace always. In the name of Yeshua.


Regards Cato

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